An Identity Affirming And Inclusion Minded Photographer

Who is Jannatul?

I’m a professional Portrait photographer based in Virginia capturing full, genuine and vibrant joy. I love celebrating what makes you authentically you!

Hello! I’m Jannatul (she/her/hers - *click here for pronunciation*) and I’m passionate about capturing what makes you authentically YOU! I find joy in capturing your joy.  

About Me

As a queer, 1.5 gen, Bangladeshi American from an immigrant, low-income household, my intersectional identities and lived experiences are a huge influence on me and my mindset regarding my photography. Taking professional pictures seemed unattainable and unrealistic due to the financial burden it could cause me and my family. And I never saw people who looked like me represented in professionally created images. Since the beginnings of my photography journey, my belief has been to provide financially accessible & identity affirming ways for folks to have beautiful photos of themselves and their most joyful moments. If you are money is a deciding factor in booking with me, please reach out - I provide financial plans & would be honored to work with you because you deserve to be celebrated! 

My Values

As a portrait photographer, I strive to empower others to see themselves as beautifully as I see them through my camera. Cue the stories, the laughs, the music and impromptu dance parties during our time together - I’m hoping you will see me as a friend who is excited about showing the world all the wonderful aspects that make your story so uniquely you!

The Experience

  • Inclusion
  • Intentional Representation 
  • Centering marginalized identities 
  • Proactively striving for justice & equity 
  • Accessibility in all forms 

jam to some tunes!

My Current Vibes

Did you know? (fun facts about me) 

I'm a HUGE foodie. My love for food rivals my love for photography (follow my foodstagram: @n.o.m.s.piration for all the delicious gastronomical adventures) 

I have a ferociously adorable 6 yo cat named Senna & an charmingly derpy 1.5 yo husky pup named Maru. Maru adores her cat sibling & Senna is definitely the boss lady of the house. 

I am an amateur tarot card reader. I was gifted a beautiful watercolor art based Rider Waite deck tarot deck by a friend. I definitely need more practice, but I love the feel of being able to interpret the cards for various facets of my life. 

I can't swim or ride a bike. I know, I know. I need to change this. 

I could snack on lime chili cheetos & peanut m&ms all day, everyday~ Oh and the cupcakes from CakedUp Cville (I'm LITERALLY obsessed with them).

I'm a Capricorn (my birthday is January 1st) & an enneagram 2 - an enthusiastic workaholic who leads & feels ferociously with all her heart 

I'm an alumna of the University of Virginia (CLAS '16 & GSAS '17)

I LOVE traveling - recent adventures include Seattle, NYC, & Spain! 

I am the oldest of three siblings. 

How it Started


Journey started as a young, art loving teenager in my high school photojournalism class taking photos for the yearbook using the class cameras. This was my first time ever holding a professional looking camera. 


Bought my first ever personal camera, my oh so trusty companion the Cannon Rebel T3 before heading on a trip to Harvard. My parents indulged in my desire to take photos and covered half the cost of the camera. I carried this camera with me everywhere, documenting anything and anyone who was willing to be photographed by this amateur. 


First year taking graduation photos of my friends for little to no cost. As a low income, first generation student, I wanted to make sure my friends and I were able to have beautiful photos of our memorable times on Grounds. I had found a new passion. 


Experienced major growth in my passion, becoming a sought after graduation photographer. I could finally consider this as a serious business, something I was unsure about for a long time. 


Booked my first wedding as a primary photographer in Vesuvius, VA. It was an overwhelmingly new, yet extremely exciting experience! From there, I continued to slowly grow my wedding and engagement portfolio. 


What a year! Personal record broken of graduation bookings in one season, photographing 160+ graduates. Honored to be part of multiple weddings + elopements. Ventured into product shoots and food photography. Created unbreakable connections with people within the Charlottesville community. 

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

"This is my second time having Jannatul as my photographer for my graduation photoshoots ... She always makes sure that I am comfortable and having a great time while taking pictures! It truly allows me to take in my achievements and appreciate the moment because Jannatul offers such a positive and uplifting environment when taking pictures...She really is a photographer that cares about each and every one of her clients!!"

Jasmin Whitehead, Class of 2022

"10/10 recommend working with Jannatul!! She was our incredible photographer for our TFA Headshot Event last week and photographed 60 diverse student leaders. She is welcoming, professional, and takes beautiful pictures! I look forward to working with her again in the future! ❤️"

Jackie matel, December 2022

"Jannatul did a great job giving direction. My partner was not comfortable at first but she did a great job at coaching us... Do not hesitate to book with her."

Shaniece Bradford, Owner, Just Be Luxury Picnics  

"Jannatul is an amazing photographer who took my UVA grad pictures with my family, and was so professional, accommodating, and comforting during the whole process! She worked with me to find great iconic locations, poses, and outfits, and made me feel at ease with our conversation as this was my first photoshoot ever. I would highly recommend her for any occasion!"

Zoe Pham, Class of 2022 Graduate

"Jannatul was easy to schedule with and very transparent with her pricing and process. On the day of our shoot, she was extremely professional, and helped guide us in finding the style of photo we were looking for — both my fiance and I felt very comfortable working with her."

Riley Walsh, September 2022 Engagement

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